The Best Eroge Ever Review

This review is only for the first four episodes. See my The Best Eroge Ever review for my opinion of the last four episodes.

First, the plots are usually very predictable, sometimes even contrived, to the point where there's almost no tension at all even near the climaxes of the routes. Fortunately, this isn't what the VN is trying to focus on, so a lot of it can be ignored.

The setting is fairly original and well-thought out, with several large and interesting parts of it getting explored. The plot does an excellent job of producing plausible, detailed conflicts and investing you in the outcome, and quite a few of the twists are genuinely shocking. The writing is thankfully devoid of unnecessary text, and although the pacing isn't very fast you quickly realize that the time it's spending developing the world and the people in it is completely worth it. Even things that appear overly convenient at first always seem to get a good explanation later.

Between the highly non-linear plot structure, the intriguing treatment of virtual reality (and people who prefer it to reality), the way the multiple timelines interact and protagonists are connected, and the large ensemble cast, The Best Eroge Ever is bursting at the seams with clever ideas that inexplicably manage to all fit themselves into a perfectly coherent narrative.

Score: 7.5/10

Polarization: (-40.6/+71.7)


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