The Best Eroge Ever Review

A very long, complex, and deeply satisfying cyberpunk epic.

Weirdly enough, the pacing is also very consistent and usually spot on (for some reason only sad scenes ever get padded out). Thus, even if you're underwhelmed by one of the early routes, it does virtually no harm to your desire to read the rest.

Fortunately, the murder mystery route (for lack of a better name) has none of these flaws. It also has a ridiculous number of soap opera and b-movie cliches tied together in a surprisingly coherent, multi-layered and well-paced (if utterly absurd) story. And it takes itself one hundred percent seriously the entire time. This is, of course, absolutely hilarious. Easily a 7.5.

Score: 7.5/10

Polarization: (-10.0/+55.8)

Routes/Endings Played: All three.

See this post for my opinions of the official fandiscs.


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