The Best Eroge Ever Review

Typical premise: the protagonist's club is in danger of being disbanded, so they have to do something productive for once to save their club. For various reasons, that something is competing in a battery-powered glider tournament, but this VN is still primarily about the slice of life and character interaction, as you would expect.

As you may or may not be aware, this is a pigeon otome dating sim. In other words, you are a human girl attending St. PigeoNation's Academy and you must make friends with the male pigeons there (and for some reason you have stats).

Fortunately, none of these flaws are fatal, and I had no trouble enjoying all of The Best Eroge Ever despite them.

One of the biggest reasons it works so well is that every last character has well-thought out backstories, personalities, goals, secrets and relationships, making it far easier to not only remember but also care about what's going on. The VN also does a very good job of consistently explaining all of the above clearly and concisely, as well as building tension and momentum before and during major events, and somehow never feeling predictable or forced.

The slice of life and comedy in the common route has some fairly silly heroines, a quirky yet nuanced writing style, plus a calm yet mystical atmosphere from both the town and the nice fluffy story to occupy time until the genre shift. Somehow it manages to be a highly immersive and relaxing experience that makes you eager to learn more about the town's secrets after the plot kicks in.

Score: 7.5/10

Polarization: (-97.2/+17.6)

Routes/Endings Played: All routes, including both Minagi endings and several bad endings. I have 98% CG completion.


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