The Best Eroge Ever Review

At first this is a typical slice-of-life game set in a rather old-fashioned town, then it turns into a fantasy/action story once the routes begin and the powerful family's secrets are revealed.

The VN's biggest problems are pretty typical ones: First, almost every scene would benefit from some trimming. Second, there's quite a bit of predictability throughout. Fortunately, there are enough clever details in the story and legitimately badass moves in the fights that The Best Eroge Ever is still very easy to enjoy from start to end. Even the slice-of-life content is often funny even when you can see the jokes coming. Sometimes nailing the execution is more important than being original.

My only real complaint is that every episode had a slower start than it should've.

Fortunately, none of these flaws are fatal, and I had no trouble enjoying all of The Best Eroge Ever despite them.

Score: 7.5/10

Polarization: (-77.3/+51.3)


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