The Best Eroge Ever Review

Time for yet another dive into Sakurai's world of fantasy, steampunk and alternative history. And guess what? The series is still awesome.

The most consistent part by far is the comedy. Though nothing phenomenal, it is always amusing, and sometimes even hilarious (my personal favorite was Sora's unintentionally silly narration in the true route). Plus, the slice-of-life/comedy portions of the VN never overstay their welcome.

You may find the plot to be a bit too convoluted or confusing, especially when it veers into mindscrew territory.

The ending not being one of the stronger parts of the story may also irritate a lot of people.

Everything you love about the past WABs is here. Creative and original setting, very different from previous WAB settings but clearly part of the same WABverse. Distinctive artwork, different from previous styles but still quite memorable and appropriate for the series. Arguably it's less distinctive or less interesting than previous ones, but on the flip side there's no shortage of sprites, CGs or animations. The writing style is also exactly as you remember it, with plenty of fresh arc words to tease you with. Plus, for once copypasta is only a small part of the battle scenes (about damn time), so the fights are even cooler than usual.

Score: 7.5/10

Polarization: (-9.2/+40.0)


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