The Best Eroge Ever Review

This is one of those VNs where everything starts out as slice of life with only the occasional bit of plot foreshadowing. The setting is a Shinto shrine in the Taisho era (a welcome change of pace), the atmosphere is nice and relaxing (the calming tracks of the OST are quite good), and the pacing is just fast enough that it's never in any risk of crossing the line from relaxing to boring. As you soon learn, the family living at that shrine has a rather complicated and unfortunate history, and thankfully there is genuine, believable character development in each route, so there's enough going on to keep things interesting up until the end. Some of the comedy is more cliche than actually funny, but that doesn't harm the rest of the VN in any meaningful way.

As you may or may not be aware, this is a pigeon otome dating sim. In other words, you are a human girl attending St. PigeoNation's Academy and you must make friends with the male pigeons there (and for some reason you have stats).

Although the first chapter was a slow start (for good reason), after that the plot moves pretty quickly, making it easy to focus on the positives mentioned above. The gameplay also does a nice job of not dragging out, except for a handful of deliberately hard boss fights which were quite satisfying to beat. Last but not least, it did feel like significant effort was put into fleshing out the fictional world, which (like in any other decent fantasy story) helped in a lot of ways.

Obviously, depends how you value plot vs character vs presentation.

The plot tying all the protagonists (and a few other characters) together is also quite intriguing. There's a steady supply of hints and reveals about various parts of it all the way from the first few scenes to the climax of the final route, and the resolution of the major conflict (and the heroine-specific conflicts) is satisfying and plausible in all routes. Admittedly, the vast majority of the time nothing really happens to advance this plot, and often I found myself wondering when something would, but the comedy was just too good for that to bother me at all. And because you spend so much time getting attached to the characters, when stuff does start happening to the protagonists later on, it hits hard.

Score: 7.5/10

Polarization: (-7.5/+34.8)


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