The Best Eroge Ever Review

This review is only for the first four episodes. See my The Best Eroge Ever review for my opinion of the last four episodes.

The only big problem I had was that when you get to the point in a route where the more serious plot kicks in, you're already almost at the ending. The non-slice of life parts of the routes simply don't last long enough to really draw you in before the credits roll. On the other hand, all the endings are meaningfully different and even unpredictable despite drawing from the same backstory and resolving the same conflicts. The slightly odd result is that the most interesting aspect of the plot is comparing and contrasting all the different endings you can find, and there are quite a few. It also helps that the plot itself is perfectly coherent and everyone's actions make perfect sense, so there really isn't anything wrong with these parts other than brevity. I also like how it seems to retain its sense of mystery even after you know what's going on.

Technically, the way the plot develops in most routes is somewhat predictable. Personally, I felt it was the good kind of predictable (where you find yourself hoping for or dreading a scene precisely because you know it's coming), but some will disagree. This is especially true in the final route, where the climax isn't so much about new revelations as it is about emotional closure, imo.

And of course, some people may simply be annoyed by the rather huge comedy-to-plot ratio.

The most consistent part by far is the comedy. Though nothing phenomenal, it is always amusing, and sometimes even hilarious (my personal favorite was Sora's unintentionally silly narration in the true route). Plus, the slice-of-life/comedy portions of the VN never overstay their welcome.

Score: 7.5/10

Polarization: (-78.3/+96.2)

P.S. I read the iOS version of this during a recent plane flight. After talking to someone who read the PC version, it seems safe to assume they're the same.


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