The Best Eroge Ever Review

This is one of those VNs where everything starts out as slice of life with only the occasional bit of plot foreshadowing. The setting is a Shinto shrine in the Taisho era (a welcome change of pace), the atmosphere is nice and relaxing (the calming tracks of the OST are quite good), and the pacing is just fast enough that it's never in any risk of crossing the line from relaxing to boring. As you soon learn, the family living at that shrine has a rather complicated and unfortunate history, and thankfully there is genuine, believable character development in each route, so there's enough going on to keep things interesting up until the end. Some of the comedy is more cliche than actually funny, but that doesn't harm the rest of the VN in any meaningful way.

The general format of the story is also familiar. Most chapters are still separate episodes about issues surrounding specific characters, with no more than hints for the main plot. The main plot still consists largely of driving questions about the setting up until the very end, when they suddenly get very thoroughly answered by a perfect storm of revelations. Sadly, there are a handful of scenes that overstay their welcome or verge on implausibility, and talking is all too often a free action. But other than that, The Best Eroge Ever is amazing.

If you have any interest in The Best Eroge Ever, you've probably read at least one WAB before, so I don't need to tell you what's polarizing about it.

Score: 7.5/10

Polarization: (-47.4/+76.3)


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