The Best Eroge Ever Review

This is how you do low fantasy.

The main appeal of this VN is the gratuitously badass action, since the very good fight scenes make up at least half of the total text. They all have a steady flow from initial face-off to final blow, plenty of cool CGs, several unrealistic but cool techniques, and badass music that doesn't get old. Plus every fight feels completely different from the others.

Everything you love about the past WABs is here. Creative and original setting, very different from previous WAB settings but clearly part of the same WABverse. Distinctive artwork, different from previous styles but still quite memorable and appropriate for the series. Arguably it's less distinctive or less interesting than previous ones, but on the flip side there's no shortage of sprites, CGs or animations. The writing style is also exactly as you remember it, with plenty of fresh arc words to tease you with. Plus, for once copypasta is only a small part of the battle scenes (about damn time), so the fights are even cooler than usual.

So the overall experience of reading The Best Eroge Ever ended up something like this: the first half was constantly "nice" and not a lot else, but as I neared the end of Dream the story finally started to gain some kind of momentum, and it continued building it up very regularly until the final tearjerking climax, which is quite unforgettable. Though I never felt very much surprise or dramatic tension, I also never felt disappointed by their absence. And all the subplots did get their proper closure.

Score: 7.5/10

Polarization: (-54.4/+92.2)

Routes/Endings Played: All, including the omake stories.

P.S.: In case anyone wants an opinion on the translation quality: it could definitely use some editing/QCing but it's perfectly servicable.


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